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What makes SERVIA the first Serbian “salon” brandy?

The quality of a product speaks of the people behind it, and the taste of SERVIA brandy takes us back to the time when honor and dignity were virtues at a price. At a time when the word was still more important than contracts, and honor than profit, when guests were welcomed in salons and sent away with gifts. Created from the desire to turn the native land and its fruit into a perfect drink, SERVIA brandy is the result of numerous engineering improvements and an honest approach – devoid of any unnecessary compromise. For us, salon means sublime, classy, full of virtue!

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We offer only the best for your long evenings


from the birthplace of brandy



Every time we thought it couldn’t get any better, we kept going and went further. The engineers behind SERVIA brandy have a unique hobby: driven by the laws of their profession, they find satisfaction in sometimes feverishly searching for and eliminating the smallest defects, intent on transferring the triumph of knowledge into every bottle of this high-quality brandy.